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Effective marketing at no upfront cost

As the world’s largest local marketplace, Groupon is the most effective form of small-business marketing available today. Unlike traditional advertising, we will introduce you to thousands of local customers searching for businesses just like yours—with no upfront costs.

Merchant Center Dashboard

Trackable and measurable advertising

You’ll be able to track success every step of the way with your personalised campaign management tool, the Merchant Centre. Seamlessly redeem Groupon vouchers, catch up on customer feedback, and find out when your next payment will arrive.

Growth on your terms

Growth on your terms

Our experienced team will help you structure a campaign that makes financial sense for your business. Whether you’re looking to bring in a lot of new customers at once or attract a steady stream of customers each month, we can help you reach your goals.

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Manage your bookings online

Easily manage bookings online, spend less time taking phone reservations, and keep track of Groupon and regular customers on one system – for free.

What our partners say

  • "It's encouraged a huge footfall for us which we wouldn't have experienced otherwise, and I'm extremely happy with how we've been able to partner with Groupon."
    Tudor Barn Eltham, Suzie Bailey, MD
  • "We have quite a lot of parties and children´s parties that have been generated from people coming from the Groupon deals, and few corporates as well."
    Harts Barn, Yvette Farrell
  • "Shaka Zulu is a fabulous bar, restaurant and club. Once you come in, you don´t leave."  
    Shaka Zulu, Manager

So, how can we help your business?

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