5 reasons why your business
should have a website

As a local business owner, you might question whether you really need to have a company website, especially if you and/or your customers aren’t massively technology-focused. You might even presume the Internet to be relevant only to ‘IT geeks’.

In truth, though, even the most locally-oriented business needs a website these days – at least if it is going to tap into the full range of prospective customers.

Here are a few reasons why you should get on the phone to that web designer.

create a website for your business to attract new and more customers1. Attract online users

This may seem like an obvious reason to have a company website, but we are, today, firmly in the ‘information age’. Customers now research businesses, products and services online, including on their mobile devices, with barely a second thought – just like they once did the Yellow Pages.

Not having a website for your local business means that you almost certainly miss out on a huge chunk of your potential customer base.

2. Provide 24/7 access

You may close your high street shop for the evening, but customers take an interest in products or services like yours at every time of the day or night, and when they do, they often look online to find out more.

A website gives your local firm a constant means of marketing its offerings to potential and new customers alike, even when you’re fast asleep.

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How To Make Your Business More Profitable During The Summer

The summer can be a very busy time for some businesses and a slow season for others. But the hotter months of the year can bring certain opportunities for boosting profitability that might not be present in the spring, autumn or winter. So today we give you some easy ways to make business more profitable in the summer.

Put tables and chairs outsidePut tables and chairs outside

Continental ‘cafe culture’ is now firmly here in the UK, meaning that when you place some suitably nice-looking tables and chairs outside your bar or restaurant, you are only making it all the more tempting for roving potential customers.

Give them the chance to enjoy the sun and any spectacular views that your establishment can offer, such as from the roof.


Have an air conditioning system installed

If you are still dependent on standalone air conditioning units or just opening the window when it gets too hot, you could be deterring potential and current employees and customers.

Not only does an air conditioning system make sense in the warmer months, but it also heats rooms in colder weather, which makes it a true all-year-round investment.

Telling your followers on Facebook and Twitter that you have air conditioning can also bring about more business.

Devise a summer-only menu

Devise a summer-only menu

Certain dishes may make the most sense in the summer, especially ones that you can enjoy outside. Alternatively, you may just want to freshen up that otherwise now drab-looking menu that hasn’t changed since the autumn.

Either way, a dedicated summer menu – perhaps consisting of salads, summer snacks, milkshakes and fruit smoothies – could just be what revives your cafe, bar or restaurant at a time of plentiful competition.


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Partner Management Team Tips: How to Upsell To Your Hotel Guests

We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce to you two of our Partner Management team, and find out from the experts themselves what their top tips are on upselling to your hotel guests. Let’s start by meeting the team:

Hey guys, can you tell us a bit about yourself starting with what your daily role entails here at Groupon? 

7E8A3245_12Sonal: Mark and I are responsible for project managing the operational experience and relationships with businesses that feature on the Groupon Getaways platform. Our role involves developing positive, long term relationships with our partners to maximise their Groupon experience.

If a new travel business or hotel approached you and asked you what they can expect in terms of help and support throughout their deal, what would you tell them?

Mark: I’d tell them that before their deal launches, we’ll contact them to ensure they are fully prepared and aware of how all operational aspects work, from start to finish.

We’ll make sure they are 100% happy with and understand everything; from the visual appearance and content of the deal, to financial preparation and the voucher redemption process. I’d assure them that we’ll be available by phone weekdays 9-6pm, and that they can contact us directly with any issues or queries that arise at anytime throughout their campaign lifecycle. Finally I’d tell them that we’ll be dedicated to giving them expertGroupon getaways tips and guidance on how to get the best exposure for their deal, from sharing on their social media channels to linking from their website. Continue Reading

6 Effective Marketing Tips To Boost Your Ticket Sales

From ensuring you have enticing content on your website to keeping prospect customers excited after the start of your ticket sales, there is a lot you can do to help boost the success of your event. At Groupon we work with a wealth of event partners who provide a huge range of events. Balloon flights, Burlesque nights, theatre shows, river cruises, art exhibitions and comedy clubs are just some of the events we help our partners fill, so when it comes to the extra things you can be doing to help shift tickets we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

Let’s take a look at some of our top tips.

1. Quality Check Web Content

Before you begin any kind of marketing for your event, it’s always good to conduct a general review of your website. Send it to a select target group and get feedback on how it looks, usability, and content. Think about things from a customer’s perspective; if you don’t have web chat or customer service agents on-hand to answer queries, you’ll want to make sure you include as much information about your event as possible. This includes not only details about the event itself, but also pre and post-ticket sale information, anything you think will help guide a customer through the buying process.

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New GrouponWorks Video: How We Can Help Expand Your Business

Here at Groupon HQ we’ve been busy producing another video! This time we showcase some of the areas we can help you with, that are key to growing your business. Check it out by clicking below:

If you’re new to Groupon and want to give your business a boost, here’s what you get with us:

›       A sales campaigns you do not have to pay for upfront

›       New customers from your immediate vicinity

›       Spare capacity filled and increased awareness

›       A search engine marketing method that reaches your target market

›       A mailing list that allows you to reach millions of users

›       A marketing strategy that brings customers directly to your business

To see how other busiensses just like yours have benefitted from working with us, head over to our Success Stories. If you’d like to speak to one of our Business Consultants about featuring on Groupon, complete a few details on our Get Started page and we’ll be back in touch.

Video Transcript:

Your business is more than just a restaurant, spa, or hotel. Your business is to make all your customers happy.

So what’s next?

We at Groupon partner with you to expand your business. We help you revitalize your business. We help you develop up and cross-selling ideas, and ideas to fill your low season and off-peak hours.

We find new ways to get you more customers. We generate more awareness and repeat purchases. We’re here when you launch a new business, product, or service.

We at Groupon walk you through the whole process, because we believe what will really make your customers happy, is you.

Gain New Spa Customers With Social Media

No matter what type of business you run, social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy to help boost your chances of online success. As a spa owner, you may be familiar with the issue of not having much passing trade if your location is off the beaten path. This is where social media can really make a difference and help you build your customer base. Plus, the latest stats for Facebook usage alone tell us there is huge potential here to give your sales a boost; Two-thirds (66%) of all adults online say they have a social networking profile, and nearly all (96%) have one on Facebook.

In order to gain new customers for your spa there are several key areas we’ll be focusing on today, showing you how to:

◦       Increase web traffic

◦       Drive sales

◦       Improve brand awareness

◦       Increase exposure

◦       Boost SEO

Social Media And Your Website

Lets’ start by taking a look at how to use social media alongside your website. Both platforms are incredibly powerful, and need to be used in conjunction with each other in order to reap maximum marketing benefits. If working together seamlessly, they can be used to not only increase your online exposure, but improve your SEO and get your website ranked higher on Google searches.

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How to Boost Your Restaurants Online Presence

As a restaurant owner, you should know the importance of building an online presence. Any successful business, no matter what industry, should be focusing on upping their online game in order to stay ahead of the competition and with restaurants it’s no different. Not only will your web presence give you that extra exposure you need in an already saturated market, it’ll give you access to a more cost-effective way of marketing and the means to appeal to the millennial generation. It’s this generation that will be your future customers, so even more reason to be reaching out and developing lasting relationships.

Young man using laptop in restaurant

Before we look into ways to help you build your restaurants online presence, lets look at the reasons why you need to make this a top priority:

Stand Out More

The more individual your brand appears, the better. Using online channels are a great way for you to connect with your audience through your story, to tell them a little more about yourself, and make your food stand out from all your competitors. Even if you’re part of a chain you can still stand out in terms of how your branch differs from the rest. The more unique you can be the more lasting the impression you’ll leave on your customers which will help keep them coming back to you above anyone else close by. Your website and social media channels can act as your voice and give you an online platform on which to speak up and tell your story. Continue Reading

4 Ways to Keep Your Hotel Guests Coming Back

The key to creating a lasting impression to keep your hotel guests returning, is all in the service. No matter how large or how small your establishment. You may not own the swankiest hotel, or have won countless awards, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still provide a stellar service to all who walk through your doors. Making your guests feel special is essential; it’s this personal service that is the number one ingredient you should be aiming to include in all that you do. I’ve stayed in some pretty impressive hotels in my time, but the most memorable stays have by far been in hotels where the staff have gone over and above to ensure our visit was as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Couple checking in to hotel

I recall for example, staying in a lovely four-star hotel for a family wedding in Kent. Yes the venue itself was very impressive; grounds were beautiful, well kept. The room was immaculate, spacious, and had good facilities including mini-bar, balcony, luxury bathroom etc. Would I return? Probably not! Although the facilities were great, the service was just about standard. For the money we paid the staff were pleasant at best, I found them quite wooden and seeming like they were just there to do a job and get paid, struggling to even smile at times. Continue Reading

5 Ways to Get More Client Referrals For Your Hair Salon

No matter what industry you’re in, word-of-mouth referrals are still one of the best forms of advertising. Nothing sells a new business you’ve never tried before more effectively than a friend or family member raving about how good their experience was. Plus, it’s your clients that are doing all the work, and even better – it costs you nothing! Ultimately, a good referral strategy is what you should be aiming for, in order to grow your business and gain new clients for your salon.

If you provide an excellent service and make your clients feel special, they will become your walking talking ambassadors. Not only will they return, they’ll bring friends and family with them and allow you to build your salon client-base up very quickly. One of the keys things that makes referrals so successful as a form of advertising, is trust; when a new salon launches an advert, there is always an element of trust that needs to be built in order for a clients to trust the advert and take action. Ultimately, it’s a risk they’re taking by letting a new stylist treat their hair. Referrals however already have trust established, as it’s a conversation between friends, rather than a random advert to a stranger. The relationship between friends already exists, which is half the battle won as a salon owner and why you should be focusing your efforts on encouraging referrals.

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How to Fill Your Restaurant During Off-Peak Hours

If you manage a restaurant you’ll be all too familiar with the business challenge of filling seats during your quiet periods. Typically, between 2pm and 5pm on a weekday might be a tricky time – after the lunch hour and before dinner, when a lot of people will be in the office (depending on your location and set-up). Most people eat at traditional times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and so to tempt them to eat outside of these hours is asking them to break habit and change behaviour; something that is only achievable with the right strategy.

Close-Up Of Text On White Surface

There are many ways to offer customers incentives to come and dine during your off-peak hours, that may have a three fold result: increased revenue, more satisfied customers, better rate of repeat business. To get there you must firstly approach these times very differently to how you do your standard busy hours, and most importantly – get creative. Start by looking at your current and target customer base. From here, plan a strategy around what is appropriate and relevant to these customers. Continue Reading