even small business owners can make ads and marketing happen for their company
15 proven low budget advertising ideas
Running a small business such as a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, gym or theme park is costly enough before you even consider how to spread the word about your products or services. Thankfully, effective ...
benchmarking is the key to success
Benchmarking Your Retail Performance This New Year
Benchmarking is defined as the practice of measuring various aspects of a business’s performance and comparing them to a given external standard, such as that of the given business’s industry o...
mobile payments are the way to go forward as they are really flexible
How Mobile Payments Will Be Vital In 2016
Down the years, new technologies have occasionally come on stream that have made a big difference to how we keep track of and use our money. From the first cash machines to online banking, the revolutions ...
social media does have its benefits, also for the retails in food industry
Social Media Tips For Retailers In The Food Industry
We serve plenty of food businesses here at Groupon – indeed, you may have read already about the massive impact that our merchant solutions have had on the fortunes of such client firms of ours as Op...
declutter your website and make it easy to navigate!
10 Basic Tips To Improve Your Business Website
With more and more customers first coming into contact with a business – even a small, local one – via their website, it is vitally important that your own retail store, yoga studio or restaura...
find out where to spend your marketing budget in 2016
How To Decide Where To Spend Your Marketing Budget In 2016
Virtually all small businesses – from retail shops, theme parks and dental clinics to yoga studios, hotels and restaurants – need to be marketed in some way to be a success. Just ask past clien...

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