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    Groupon offers massive reach. With more than 260 million subscribers worldwide,
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    From targeted, far-reaching emails to the additional word-of-mouth advertising and social media exposure, 
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What you get with Groupon:

    New customers
    New customers from the most active buying channel in the industry. Target those active in your area to increase repeat visits.
    Increased efficiency
    Control over new customer levels in line with your spare capacity. Reduce your seasonal, daily or weather-dependent sales fluctuations.
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    Upsell and additional sales
    Set deals based on the break-even point, the potential to upsell and the increase in profit.
    Extra publicity
    Maximum exposure for your brand, including links to your website and social media pages.
    Measurable results
    Access to our unique reporting tool. Monitor numbers of vouchers sold, get demographic insight, and respond to customer feedback all in real-time.
    Tailor-made support
    A variety of online booking tools to help you manage the influx of new customers generated by your campaign.

What our partners say

  • "Working with Groupon has been career changing."
    Andrea Barrett Photography, Andrea Barrett
  • "For four years we´ve had a dedicated account manager that´s looked after us every step of the way. I think that´s what´s benefited my relationship with Groupon and why I´ve worked with them for so long."
    Cadbury House Club and Spa, Jason Eaton
  • "It really helps build the atmosphere in the building and generate not just the sales coming through the door but secondary sale in the building as well."
    Edingburgh Capitals, Scott Neil, Business Owner
  • "It´s a tough industry to crack and we wouldn´t have managed to stay afloat without Groupon."
    Newquay Surfing School, Adam Griffiths, Owner
  • "The best thing about it is the fact you´re doing the climb, so it´s the experience."
    Up At the O2, Up At The O2 Climbing Instructor
  • " Working with Groupon has changed the way I advertise my business. I can do more email and text marketing, which has enabled us to get more leads and we are building our customer database as a result."
    Treatments at Bank, Prriya Calay, Owner
  • "The level of awarness raised for my business has been fantastic. The number of poeple that now access my website is amazing, on the day the deal went live we saw an unbelievable 80% increase in traffic!"
    Murthwaite Green Trekking Centre, Cath Wrigley, Owner
  • "Hundreds of thousands of people got to see my business from the comfort of their lounge. I have poeple from London, from Newcastle from Liverpool; they are coming ffrom all over on the back of the Groupon advertising."
    Vale of York, Paul Piddington, Polo Manager and HPA Coach
  • "The majority of new customers are a direct result of our partnership, which has proved to be a great success."
    Deeside Ice Rink, Colin Hughes, Duty Manager
  • "We had hundreds and hundreds of people, in fact that first couple of months we had almost 2000 people and we had to add new dates."
    Raindance Film School, Elliot Grove, Founder
  • "Groupon has brought a number of different types of customers to our business, we’ve managed to get out there to a new demographic."
    KO Gym, Kru Kris
  • "The upsell we experience is great - People order a bottle of wine with their meal, or a starter or dessert which increases revenue by around 30%."
    Dane´s Yard Kitchen, Allan McKellar, Manager
  • "We sold 40,000 tickets when the weather was at its worst. Business was still busy, and that is totally down to Groupon."
    Paradise Wildlife Park, Steve Sampson, Director
  • "It's encouraged a huge footfall for us which we wouldn't have experienced otherwise, and I'm extremely happy with how we've been able to partner with Groupon."
    Tudor Barn Eltham, Suzie Bailey, MD
  • "Another great benefit is that we can get up to 40% up-sell once customers are through our doors with other lessons and services."
    Chill Factore, Tim Miller, Trade Account Executive
  • "Working with Groupon has definitely helped raise the profile of my business."
    Owl House Day Spa, Lucy Goodwin, Owner
  • "On average we upsell about 70% of Groupon customers."
    Derma Eraze, Lorena Oberg, Owner
  • "2010-2011 we increased the revenue by 120% in one year - people will turn around and say, how did you do this? A big chunk is because of Groupon."
    Open Kitchen, David Naudin, Owner
  • "Through making the right strategic partnership with Groupon, I have proved that you can make European brands successful in the UK, even during a recession."
    Biothecare Estétika, Barry Oakhill, Manager
  • "We had phenomenal success to the point where we were just staggered with the response - and it´s been great ever since."
    Manchester Photographic, Andrew Hill, Director
  • "We have sold in total about 1,500 vouchers and we´ve redeemed to date about 1,100. We´ve always run the same deal with Groupon because it´s been so successful."
    Blue Eye Aviation, Will Flanagan, Business Owner
  • "Groupon has supported our business through increasing awarness of our brand Imagine Spa and also increasing our database."
    Imagine Spa, Charlotte Halffman, Spa Manager
  • "A high portion of those people haven´t heard about us before, and hadn´t even considered visiting us before seeing the deal on Groupon."
    Wookey Hole Cavas, Chris Goodchild, Duty Manager
  • "Return customers or customers that have been recommended by Groupon visitors, I would say would be approximately in the 15-20% range which is fantastic for a small business like ours located where we are."
    Combe House Hotel, Gareth Weed, Manager
  • "We work hard to provide the best experience possible and cross and up-sell other courses to encourage customers to return. this tactic has really paid off as we´ve seen a 40% increase in repeat custom."
    Stones of Isis, Bola Adelakun, Business Owner
  • "We know that we´ve been predominantly Essex and South East of the UK, however with Groupon we´ve had poeple as far as Edingburgh and Liverpool purchase our experience."
    Up At The O2, Steve Buchan, General Manager
  • "Shaka Zulu is a fabulous bar, restaurant and club. Once you come in, you don´t leave."  
    Shaka Zulu, Manager
  • "We have quite a lot of parties and children´s parties that have been generated from people coming from the Groupon deals, and few corporates as well."
    Harts Barn, Yvette Farrell
  • "Our name gets circulated a lot quicker now and more people know about us through word of mouth. The ROI has been fantastic."
    AZ London, Attia Iqbal, director and International Trainer

Groupon in numbers:

  • 30+ countries
  • 500+ markets
  • 570,000 active deals
  • 3.5+ million Groupon Pages
  • 48.6 million active customers
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