How to Engage Your Hotel Guests With Better Content

As a hotel owner, a big part of your marketing strategy should consist of creating and sharing content relevant to your target audience. If you get this right, you can re-enforce your brand, gain credibility and trust, start conversations, and get feedback. Ultimately, you’ll be able to build a community of loyal guests. This article aims to give you some guidance on how to improve your content and some ideas for blog posts. Content Scrap bpard

Think about tone and voice as well as subject

Whatever you method of communication, whether it’s monthly newsletters or a one-off email campaign, to retain your reader’s attention you need to go beyond being intelligent and informative to being entertaining and useful. Try to write as if you were talking to your friends and trying to teach them something. Don’t just explain it, though. Talk about how they can get involved and get on their level. Think, if you were in their shoes, what you would want to know and how can you best say this in a way that will keep their interest. Continue Reading

Groupon Helps Up At The O2 Reach New Customers And Maintain Brand Position

Up at the O2 General Manager Steve BuchanBusiness Background

General Manager Steve Buchan opened Up at the O2 in 2012. Coming from Madame Tussauds and Haven Holidays, Steve was excited to continue providing people with unforgettable experiences by opening up this world first attraction.

Steve’s vision was to give people the opportunity to climb the roof of an iconic and infamous London landmark. In doing so they would be rewarded with a panoramic skyline, a different perspective of London, and completion of a personal challenge.



When it came to business objectives, for Steve their biggest struggle was increasing general awareness and trying to reach new customers. As a small attraction they had a limited marketing budget.

Steve knew there were people travelling to London both internationally and domestically, but they were still only reaching local people to come and visit their attraction. Although they had a very strong strategy, to reach new markets they found they had to be a bit more creative in their approach and so one of their main hopes from working with Groupon was to outreach to a new market. Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Revealed: Consumer Trends and Super-Mums at Groupon!

That time of year is fast approaching. All of a sudden gift shops are adorned with all things pink and purple. While consumers sift their way through a myriad of cards, retailers have been preparing for one of the biggest consumer spending days in the calendar. In 2013, US consumers spent over $20.7 billion for Mother’s Day compared to $13.28 billion that was spent on Father’s Day making it the second largest consumer holiday. Its popularity rings just as true across the pond here in the UK, with many reports showing statistics far stronger than that of Father’s Day and many other special occasions.

According to the Carlsberg UK’s Consumer Insights Report 2014,   Mother’s Day is now one of the busiest times of the year for a lot of pubs and bars. The results showed it as the 6th most popular occasion out of 24, for which their customers would consider going to a pub / bar /club for.

Let’s take a look and see how else appreciation for our mum’s is more obvious than for our dad’s when it comes to UK consumer spending habits:

Adam Stewart, Marketing Director at Rakuten’s saying “Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are significant seasonal events in the shopping calendar across all channels. However, with online sales ramping up year-on-year, retailers need to take advantage of the potential profit made for major gifting holidays, from inspiring shoppers through innovative and highly engaging campaigns alongside dedicated gifting sections onsite, through to guaranteeing next day delivery for those last minute purchases,” (The Drum)

Check out Rakuten’s infographic below, illustrating just why Mother’s Day is such an important event in the retail calendar and what other countries are getting up to around this time:

Rakuten's Mother's Day vs Father's Day Infographic Continue Reading

How to Get New Teeth Whitening Customers with GDC-Compliant Advertising

Since 2008, we’ve helped over 400 dental professionals sell over 190,000 teeth whitening deals across the UK. To mark our success we’ve created a free guide to showcase our evolution in this industry. Key highlights include:

  • Our work with the General Dental Council (GDC) to promote industry best practice
  • How we’ve raised the standards of teeth whitening deals on our platform
  • What our partners have to say
  • How we can help your practice grow

If you’re GDC-qualified and authorised to offer teeth whitening services, please click here to access the guide.

Teeth Whitening Campaign Banner Continue Reading

Odeon National Deal Returns!

Last Sunday 1st March saw the return of Odeon on Groupon. The last time we featured this deal in January, we sold in excess of 20,000 vouchers. We’ve smashed the previous number already, having sold over 30,000 vouchers so far with no signs of slowing up!

Film fanatics can snap up vouchers entitling them to either two cinema tickets for £11, or five tickets for £25. Remaining availability is however already limited so we’d encourage you to grab the super-deal while you can.

Vouchers are valid right up until 4th June and can be redeemed at locations across the UK for 2D and 3D films. For redemption and restrictions check out the fine print section, and to purchase the deal click here.

On the subject of National deals, we’ve been rather busy providing our customers with exciting offers they can’t refuse. Let’s countdown our top ten biggest successes, from some of the most exciting brands over the last six months.

Odeon Groupon deal Continue Reading

How Groupon Works – New Animation Video

New to Groupon? Wonder how Groupon works? Click here to check out our snazzy new video animation, explaining how Groupon can help raise awareness for your business and bring you new customers.


We asked small business owners what the advertising campaign of their dreams would look like. They said it should not only boost their success, but also raise long-term awareness for their products and services, bring new customers to their business, and, only cost them money if it really showed results.

Impossible you say? Think again, because that’s exactly what Groupon does.

Our experts help you design a campaign, tailor-made for your needs. No matter whether you’re in the food and drink business, own a spa, or run a hotel. From our 250 million subscribers, we pick the ones from your area that are relevant to your business, and introduce them to your products and services in a uniquely exciting and engaging way.

Groupon works fast through strong marketing support, in some cases in real time for immediate results. That’s why it’s such an incredible way to launch a new product or service, to fill a seasonal gap or off-peak hours, and to create a great loyal customer base. And it does all this with no upfront costs at all.

Stop dreaming about that perfect ad campaign and make your business more successful. Get on Groupon! Just like our 800,000 other partners in 47 countries enjoying the spending power of almost 53 million customers.

If you’d like to speak to us about how we can help your business, complete your details on our Get Started page and we’ll be in touch!

Groupon Plays Cupid

Following our recent Valentines deal, Groupon UK appeared today in the Evening Standard. The deal gave Cupid-stricken customers the chance to post a message onto a huge screen at Piccadilly Circus on Valentine’s Day itself. Messages scrolled for 20 seconds in the heart of London’s West End for all to see, and resulted in not one – but three proposals!

Caught on camera, one such romantic got down on one knee and popped the question to his partner, via a message on the big screen featuring the couple’s dog. IT worker Lee Radbourne had family and friends gathered close, accompanied by several tourists also capturing the moment Rebecca Lee said yes. Lee had been planning his proposal since he spotted the opportunity on Groupon to use the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, commenting; “I was thinking about proposing for a while. I saw the Groupon Deal. I always wanted to do something unique and special and it just ticked all of the boxes.”

Read the full article here, or click below to watch the video, and read on to discover what else Groupon got up to across the globe to celebrate Valentines Day…

Couple kissing in Piccadilly Circus

Continue Reading

Brand New Groupon Booking Tool

Just signed to launch a new Groupon campaign? Wondering how to manage the increase in customers? Nervous about getting everyone booked in minus any hiccups? If you’re asking any of these kinds of questions, this is the blog for you. Following our Merchant Center upgrade, we’ve only gone and revamped our Booking Tool too!

If you own a restaurant, spa, or any business involving a booking process for your customers and you’ve partnered with us in the past, you may already be aware of our old booking system “Groupon Reservation”. The Groupon Booking Tool is our brand new, improved version, and we’re dying to tell you all about it.

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Start-Ups Part 1: Seven Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

The future is looking bright for new businesses starting out in the UK. Despite a country still feeling the effects of a recession with uncertainty hanging over the Eurozone, in 2013 it was recorded that 95% of the UK’s entire business landscape was made up of start-ups. And, according to StartUp Britain, last year a record-breaking 581,173 new businesses were launched in the UK, with fewer of those failing compared to the year before.

With new tax incentives confirmed by the government for investors plus the growing popularity of sites such as Kickstarter and Crowdfunder to assist with the financial side of things, it’s no wonder 2015 is predicted to see another increase. New technologies are also making it easier and cheaper than ever before for people to leave their 9-5 in pursuit of chasing something much closer to their hearts.

chasing heart Continue Reading

Four Easy Ways to Grow Customer Relationships


77% of people recommend local businesses through word-of-mouth when they’re impressed with a service, according to social media and marketing gurus HubSpot. Not only is this kind of advertising, free, and requires little effort on your part, it’s also powerful because it taps into the idea of social influence, or trusting endorsements from people we know.

Forging positive relationships with clients is essential. People are happy to return to you if they receive good service and know that their custom is appreciated. They’ll also be more likely to recommend you to friends and less likely to leave negative online reviews if you establish their trust and respect. Here are four ways in which you can create a loyal and long-lasting happy client base and help you really stand out amongst your competitors.

Pink flamingo amongst white swans and geese Continue Reading