The Changing Face of Retail

Long gone are the days where filling your store with enticing goods and welcoming customers with a smile would be enough to ensure your survival as a business owner. We live in a digital world, where websites have become as important as your physical shop window. If you’re an online trader, it’ll be your only shop window. Thanks to advancing technology, research, transactions, and communication are all available instantly at the touch of a button. The purchase journey is moving quicker, and with it, consumer expectation is also increasing.

But does this mean as a business you should be focussing more time and effort on your online presence and less on face-to-face engagement? Let’s look firstly at exactly how the face of retail is changing, and what this means for you. As an online business ourselves, we’ll also be giving you an example of how Groupon goes offline in order to connect with some of our current and potential customers.

Girl with shopping bags looking at  data server on top of earth


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Hugh Jackman and Fine Dining: Groupon Goes All Out for Charity!

Besides the festive spirit stirring excitement here at Groupon HQ, today we launched an epic deal that has clearly stolen the Christmas limelight – with none other than two-time Tony Award-winner Hugh Jackman! This follows last week’s launch of our Dine & Donate campaign, which sees us partner with some of the UK’s finest Michelin star and accredited restaurants to help fight hunger and food poverty. So without further ado, let’s firstly take a look at what our collaboration with the X-Men star is all about.

Charity Deal No1: Hugh Jackman in NYC

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Countdown to Christmas: Gift Wrap Your Customer Service

The time of year is fast approaching, when turkey farms are raided and consumer spending goes through the roof. Christmas is one of the busiest times in the social calendar for local businesses as customers and their family’s rush to get into the festive spirit. UK shoppers spent £12 billion on Christmas last year alone, with half of that amount being spent on food, drink and entertainment.

In the face of this impending Christmas madness, customer service is one thing that often gets overlooked. All of a sudden maximising sales, promoting Christmas offers, and sourcing a suitably embarrassing Secret Santa gift become top of the priority list, often pushing customer experience to the backburner.

This article aims to discuss why it’s important now more than ever to ensure you get your customer service right, some guidance on how to do this, plus top tips on upsell and customer loyalty. We’ll also be heading over to our Compliance Officer Max Malagoni to get some best practice advice on how to ensure a top customer experience this Christmas. Christmas gift. Continue Reading

Groupon Team Intro: Goods


Groupon Goods Team

Meet The Groupon Goods Team! Made up of more than 80 team members here at Groupon HQ, the Goods Team are divided into several different areas all dedicated to the same cause; ensuring the best possible partner experience for our Goods businesses. We’ll be meeting a few friendly faces who can tell us a bit more about how the team works and what their job entails.

So without further ado, let’s start at the top with our Buying Director Jason Nahani.

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Groupon UK Sells Five Millionth Food and Drink Voucher

World's most expensive burgerWhat better way to celebrate selling an astounding five million food and drink vouchers, than by giving one lucky winner the chance to sample the world’s most expensive burger. Ever.

The Honky Tonk restaurant are a Groupon Local Star, and together with Groupon broke a world record by creating the Glamburger; a £1,100 burger which took over three weeks to make! The Glamburger was designed especially to help celebrate a culinary milestone in Groupon history.

Roy Blanga, Groupon UK’s Managing Director told press: “To celebrate selling our five millionth food and drink voucher, we’ve partnered with Honky Tonk restaurant to create the world’s most expensive burger for one lucky person.

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Social Media For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you may already know that social media should be a key element in your marketing strategy. This article aims to explain why businesses should use social media marketing, which platforms are most popular, and how Groupon uses social media to reach out to our audience. What it doesn’t aim to do is give you a one-size-fits-all formula. There are a myriad of social networking sites that work in various ways, so without knowing your business it’s hard for us to say which would be best for you. Not only is the world of social media constantly evolving, each business will be different in terms of goals and audience-types, as well as products and services offered. It’s therefore essential you consider all of these things before deciding on a strategy and a platform that fits you. I hope this article gives you an idea of  some of the important social media sites for businesses, and some good grounding to help you make a more informed decision.

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Harts Barn Cookery School: A Local Star

Harts Barn Cookery School owner Yvette with Local Stars packMeet Yvette Farell. Owner of Harts Barn Cookery School, and most recently – a Groupon Local Star.

Harts Barn Cookery School has been recognised as a Groupon Local Star because of the excellent standards of service it provides its customers. We decided to pay Yvette a visit, talk to her about the biggest successes she’s experienced from working with Groupon, and of course – present her with her reward. Read on below, and click here to watch the video.

The Cookery School opened in June 2011. Due to their remote location, Evette soon found herself thinking about ways in which to boost their exposure and she decided to try Groupon after a slightly coincidental occurrence; days after her brother had phoned her to tell her about a Groupon cupcake decorating course he’d (uncharacteristically) attended, a Groupon rep contacts the cookery school to introduce themselves. It was meant to be! Continue Reading

September’s Best Sellers

Welcome to a new monthly blog feature! Each month we’ll be taking a look at some of Groupon’s best sellers and letting you know just what our partners think about working with us.

This month we’ll also be speaking to one of Groupon’s Regional VP’s, Jim Eastwood. Jim will be revealing what he thinks makes a successful campaign, how we ensure partners have a great experience, and what tips he has for other partners running a Groupon deal.

For information on how to be featured on our Merchant Blog next month, please follow the simple steps at end of this article. In the meantime, check out two of September’s best-sellers below:

National Airport Parking

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Groupon Local Stars – The Stars Behind The Campaign

Here at Groupon UK HQ the team have been very busy, putting in a lot of time and effort into ensuring all our partners receive the recognition they deserve for being a Groupon Local Star. We wanted to reward partners with some extra exposure for providing a stellar service to our customers, and helping motivate people to get out an explore the best experiences their neighbourhood has to offer.

To learn more about our Local Stars campaign please head over to our previous blog post, where you can also watch some of our partners in action starring in our Youtube series!

So without further ado, let me take you behind-the-scenes to show you what the campaign involved, starting with…

One awesome team:

Meet some of the faces responsible for the launch and execution of our Local Stars campaign! Departments that helped out include; Partner Managers, Sales, Ops, Merchant Marketing, ICE, Comms, and Editorial.

Team Groupon Local Stars

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A Guide to Google Analytics Reporting

google analytics reportingGoogle Analytics can be very useful for your business in gathering all types of information about your customers; their likes, dislikes, and activity habits on your website to name a few. However it can also be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to knowing what to look for. This post aims to identify which easy-to-understand key reports you can use that will help enhance how your company operates online. Below are some top reports to get you started, and give you the insight you need to see how your customers are interacting with your website.

Top Referring URLs

The first key report that you should become acquainted with is Top Referring URLs. This report lets you know which websites are driving the most traffic to your site. This may be organic search engines such as Google, social media sites such as Facebook, or top bloggers in your industry. Being able to identify the top sources that drive traffic to your site can allow you to focus more of your efforts and resources on these key channels, moving away from less productive ones.

This report also allows you to identify weaknesses in your online strategy. For example, if your page is getting very low organic traffic from sites such as Google then it may be that you need to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation). Simple ways to do this are to improve the quality of good content you have on your website, keep it regularly refreshed, and create links on relevant third party websites to help drive traffic to yours. Via this reporting tool you can track if increasing your SEO results in higher organic searches to your website. Continue Reading