What’s on the Menu for a Successful Groupon Campaign?

Groupon restaurant website featureAre you a restaurant running a Groupon deal? Be sure to discuss with your Business Consultant how you would like to customise your campaign for a more lucrative advertisement, and share these top tips with your staff to be successful in turning your new customers into repeat customers.

1. Service with a Smile

If it isn’t already, make sure the service you give your customers is top notch. This includes during booking, throughout the visit, and in any correspondence afterwards. It will contribute greatly towards getting these customers coming back, and bringing friends with them.

2. Upsell

The perfect opportunity to get customers to spend is when you already have them in the venue. Give recommendations for wine accompaniments, your favourite desserts/cocktails/anything that isn’t included in the voucher. If they are good recommendations the customer won’t mind spending more. Continue Reading

Five Rules for Blog Comments

Customers in bar around laptopAs we talked about in our previous post, guest writing on someone’s blog can be a useful method for establishing connections, demonstrating your achievements, and increasing the exposure of your business. But when you’re representing yourself online, quality is important. So be careful; if writing isn’t your thing, a poorly-written post could end up being counterproductive. If this is the case with you, then commenting on other people’s articles is an easier option that can have a similar effect. Comments will be welcomed by the original writer and can be a catalyst for further discussion, increasing page views in the process. You can learn how to comment effectively by following these five straightforward rules:

1. Choose your words carefully

While it’s fine to express your opinion with the author or other commenters, you should always be respectful especially if you’re disagreeing. Remember, your business is being represented with your every word.

2. Make worthwhile contributions

If you’re going to agree with a “great point”, or confirm something has been “well put” offer your opinion and back this up with an example from your own personal or professional experience. Continue Reading

Compliance News Update: April 2014

Lego DraculaPlease read on to find out what OFT-enforced changes Carpetright have been making, why you need to be careful when deciphering your Groupon “book-by dates”,  which supermarket giants have been battling it out, and why Lego has been deemed “The Tool Of Satan”….

Carpetright & Co. Agree To Change Pricing Practices

Last year, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launched an investigation into a number of high-street furnishing stores, focusing on whether any of their supposed ‘discounts’ were actually genuine.Following this probe the likes of Carpetright, Dreams, Furniture Village, Harveys and Bensons for Beds have all agreed to change the way they promote savings and commit to using ‘genuine’ prices. The OFT found that a number of “Half-Price” promotions related to items that had never been sold at full price – obviously misleading customers. The law on price referencing is quite simple: any discount has to be off a recent price that people have actually paid before. Customers don’t like being ripped off and regulators are keen to expose bogus offers, hence why this recent action serves as a good reminder to Groupon of the importance of getting the price right. Continue Reading

How to Ensure Your Home Page Engages

Lady on phone in officeHow does your homepage represent your business?

In order to grab customer attention and keep them coming back, your home page needs to be everything it can be. If it isn’t, your page will be abandoned in seconds and the customer will fall straight into the online arms of your competitor.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, here are the seven must-have elements for a successful home page:

1. Great graphic design

Your site must be visually engaging and reflect your brand. A beautiful, thoughtfully designed website makes an immediate impression and says “We care about quality.”

2. Who and what

Why bury this information on a hard to find ‘about us’ page when this is what your customers will want to know about? Make sure you position clear, simple content about you are and what you do, front and centre – it’s the backbone to your business. Design it so it catches the eye and make it one of the first things your visitors see when they land on your home page. Continue Reading

Put Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes

Beauty shop ownerBusiness experts advise that retail owners and management occasionally take a step back and simply walk in through the front doors of their own premises, to witness what it’s like from a customer’s perspective. This allows you to notice areas for improvement if you experience them for yourself.

This theory also holds true for your social media marketing; when you’re working to grow your business through social media, it is very easy to get caught up in the stats and the ‘why’s and the ‘where’s, especially if you use tools such as Hootsuite. As an administrator you may get bogged down with the analysis and reporting side of things. Sometimes it’s beneficial to you to take a look at your social media strategy with fresh eyes, and from the customer’s point of view. Continue Reading

How to Manage a Successful Facebook Page

Business Owner on laptop with mobile phoneEngaging with customers on social media is not as easy as you may think. If you get a lot of likes or comments but no shares, you are not reaching the wider community and therefore need to rethink your strategy.  The goal is to be as shareable as possible. Here’s how:

1. Give the reader something

Your deals, offers, free products, competitions should be aimed at everyone. If successful, people will share, share, share.

2. Share tips

Top tips and advice are an easy one, because your business will inevitably have some expertise. Aim to focus on relevant things that most people might like to know: 10 ways to keep the kids busy during the holidays, how to make a lump free cheese sauce, how to stay warm at a bonfire night party – think about your audience and what’s relevant to them.

3. Give Warnings

Tips in the negative also work, warn people about dangers that could affect everyone. Pass it on. Continue Reading

Four-Point Checklist Before You Hit “Send”

PC keyboardIt isn’t just personal emails that attract unwanted attention; it can be professional ones as well. Accidentally replying to all or sending a confidential email to someone not authorised to know the information can be hazardous. Here are four questions everyone should ask themselves before hitting send on a group email to be sure to avoid any viral disasters.

How clear am I being? – Convoluted information or wishy-washy explanations can be tedious and might invite a negative reaction. Readers may become frustrated if they don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Be sure to be clear and concise.

Can anything be misinterpreted? – It is tempting to be the witty person who makes the office / customers laugh, but sometimes jokes can’t be translated into written format well, and as a result can cause offence. As above, be clear and concise and get someone else’s opinion on something you think might be misconstrued. Usually if you are questioning it, it shouldn’t be included. Continue Reading

Top Tips for Creating Engaging Newsletters

Laptop, pens and notepadDespite the fact social media seems to be taking over the world, newsletters are still a relevant way to engage with your customers and keep your business top-of-mind. You just need to construct them in a way that people will want to read further than the subject line and even better, click on your links.  Here are some tips on best practise when it comes to writing newsletters that people will actually read…

1)      Short and sweet is best

One paragraph, no more. If you find you have more than a paragraph’s worth to say, then turn it into a blog post and put a link to it from the newsletter. The newsletter itself needs to be succinct as people aren’t going to dedicate more than a couple of minutes to reading it.

2)      Cull the intro

If the newsletter is already short and snappy (see point 1) then an introduction becomes redundant. It’s essentially just a preview of the rest of the newsletter, and if newsletter is short enough you can afford to skip the intro. Continue Reading

How Online Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Woman with laptop on couchThe internet has brought about some radical changes in the relationship between businesses and consumers. According to this rather nifty infographic by Eventility, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, which is why a lot of businesses now use social media for purposes beyond simply having a web presence or online catalogue. The internet is now used to:

  • Share company and product news
  • Connect with customers
  • Build loyalty
  • Promote blog posts and other content
  • Advertise special offers
  • Run competitions

If used in the right way, social media marketing will not only promote your company and project its brand voice; it will also engage and attract new customers. And if you create interesting, relevant content it can develop a community of loyal customers who will return and spend more. Let’s take a look at some more stats from Eventility and at of the ways you can utilise this channel. Continue Reading

Get New Customers With Traditional Marketing

Cafe OwnerAs a business owner, attracting new customers should be top of your marketing objectives and to keep them coming back should form part of that strategy. There are certain traditional methods amongst the plethora of modern day digital tactics that we think are worth considering, in order to achieve your business goals and stay ahead of your competition.

Direct Mail

Postcards and flyers are still a great way to create awareness around your brand. They can help entice people into giving your service a try, and you can use careful targeting to ensure you reach for example people in your local area or a wider audience via mailing lists purchased from data companies. The latter allows you to segment your audience by age, income, age, whether they have children etc, so you can target more specifically those that are likely to be interested in using your business. Continue Reading