A guide to Google Analytics Reporting

google analytics reportingGoogle Analytics can be very useful for your business in gathering all types of information about your customers; their likes, dislikes, and activity habits on your website to name a few. However it can also be quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to knowing what to look for when using something like Google Analytics. This post aims to identify which easy-to-understand key reports you can use that will help enhance how your company operates online. Below are some top reports to get you started, and give you the insight you need to see how your customers are interacting with your website.

Top Referring URLs

The first key report that you should become acquainted with is Top Referring URLs. This report lets you know which websites are driving the most traffic to your site. This may be organic search engines such as Google, social media sites such as Facebook, or top bloggers in your industry. By being able to identify the top sources that drive traffic to your site can allow you to focus more of your efforts and resources on these key channels, moving away from less productive ones.

This report also allows you to identify weaknesses in your online strategy. For example, if your page getting very low organic traffic from sites such as Google then it may be that you need to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation). Simple ways to do this are to improve the quality of good content you have on your website, keep it regularly refreshed, and create links on relevant third party websites to help drive traffic to yours. Via this reporting tool you can track if increasing your SEO results in higher organic searches to your website. Continue Reading

Fitness Business Guide to SEO

fitness womanIf you own a yoga or Pilate’s studio, or a gym, chances are SEO may be pretty low down on your business priority list; as a fitness business owner you’re main aim is to help people feel better and live healthier. Having to worry about things such as link building and keyword focus probably seems a little tedious and maybe even alien. However if well maintained, SEO can help attract new customers to your business, bringing you even more people to help feel great!


Google+ is now the second most active social media site in the world behind Facebook. Research shows that Continue Reading

Top Tips For Using Google+

Google+ iconNo one can deny that there are a forever-increasing amount social media sites popping up all over the place. Although Google+ joined this plethora of social sites a few years ago, it is only recently that it has suddenly taken off. One of the reasons for this can be attributed to Google’s revamp of YouTube’s comment section, where users are now required to have a Google+ account in order to share their views online. This has not been met kindly by many commenters and even YouTube’s cofounder Jawed Karim. It has however led to Google+ becoming the second most active social media site behind Facebook, with 25% of the global Internet population actively using it. So for all you restaurant businesses out there, if you’re considering creating an account, I’d say bite the bullet and go for it!

Social platform active users


Google+ could help with your SEO, as research from Moz surveys compiled a report looking at search engine ranking factors. Below you can see that the number of Google+1’s ranked second with 0.30, signifying that having a Google+ account with connections can increase your Google search engine site ranking, resulting in more organic search visits to your company website. Continue Reading

Why Video Should be a Part of Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

video picVideo marketing is the fastest way to build a connection with your customers whilst also getting your message across. An interesting idea to think about is with the introduction of Google glasses, 3D programming, and ever-decreasing costs to create video content, would you in five years’ time be reading this article on this blog or would you see me in a video giving you a short three-minute interactive seminar? When you look at the statistics in the infographic provided and the following article below, it’s no wonder that video content is growing at phenomenal                                                                                            speeds.

Increasing usage:

When you look at the stats it’s not surprising that more people are using video marketing in their strategy. According to three motion 78% of people watch online videos weekly with 55% watching daily, that’s a huge audience full of potential customers. By 2015 experts believe that video will take up 57% of consumer internet traffic, that’s the equivalent of almost 4x as much as web browsing and email. By 2017 this will have risen to 69%, and by 2018, 79%. When you consider how much video you might watch on a daily basis, these stats will probably seem sensible. When visiting a business website, most people would rather spend a few minutes hearing first-hand from customers and the owners, as opposed to  having to spend ten minutes reading through content. Science has also backed up the use of video marketing arguing that 93% of communication in life is non-verbal.


Videos are one of the best ways to improve your SEO with shares of your video creating links which then raise your standing on search engine sites such as Google. Link building is key to SEO within your company as the more inbound links the higher you will place on Google’s search engine. Higher ranking means Continue Reading

Loyalty Marketing Tips for Salon and Spa Owners

person being massagedJust as important as bringing new customers into your salon or spa, is customer retention. Customer loyalty should be a key objective in any marketing campaign and will be a great asset for your small businesses. One way to achieve customer retention is through creating loyalty programs that aim to attract new business through word of mouth and maintain your existing customer relationships via positive company associations.

Two ways of building loyalty in your salon or spa are outlined below in two categories: Continue Reading

Local Stars Campaign

local star badgeGroupon Showcases Best Local Businesses With a Pan-European Marketing Campaign 

Introducing Groupon’s Local Stars! Over the last few week’s we’ve been busy cherry-picking a collection of the best local businesses across Europe who we’re promoting as our Local Stars. These fantastic businesses will be partnering with us, to inspire customers to explore and discover all that makes their neighbourhood the best in town.

Join Our Hall of Fame

You can now visit our Hall Of Fame to check out some of our merchant partners who have joined the campaign. If you’re a Local Star and have received your Congratulations Pack, why not join the company of other quality businesses and be a part of our Hall of Fame by emailing us a photo of you with your certificate or window badge, to: grouponlocalstars@groupon.co.uk.

Watch our Local Stars Video

Equipped with a video crew and campervan, we follow one man across Europe on a mission to experience some of our most exciting partners in our 20-part video series. Head to local-stars.groupon.com to see some of our Local Stars under the spotlight.

Continue Reading

Email Marketing Tips for Fitness Businesses

Social media has been the buzz for some time now, so much so that many companies forget the importance and benefits that come from a successful email marketing campaign. Here are some pointers to help you recap those benefits.

Develop an effective email marketing campaign:

There are various free tools at your disposal when it comes to email marketing services for small businesses, e.g. Constant Contact, Mail Chimpand AWeber. Whichever you decide to go with it’s essential that you find it easy to use, add email addresses, and also track your email open and click-through rates (what percentage of emails get opened and which links customers click on). This will give you a good idea of what content your customers open and find interesting, and what doesn’t work. If you offer fitness classes for example, you may find it useful to integrate your email services with your appointment-scheduling system.

Email Marketing

Build a mailing list:

Before you start creating your content, think about Continue Reading

Health-and-Wellness Businesses: How to Use LinkedIn

linkedin cropped

For on-the-go health and wellness practitioners, LinkedIn can help strengthen and expand your network without you having to attend networking events which can be expensive and time consuming. With changes on LinkedIn placing much greater emphasis on visual content such as photos and videos, it is now easier than ever to engage and promote yourself amongst your network. Increasing your ability to stay at the forefront of your customers minds can ultimately lead to an increase in sales and a boost to your business.

Below are several ideas to help raise your personal profile strength when using LinkedIn:

Share Interesting Articles

Share blog posts and articles specifically relating to your industry and customer service options to engage more with your audience. By using LinkedIn’s sharing bookmarklet you can share any websites that contain interesting news and trends that you come across in your everyday life, quickly and easily. Continue Reading

How to Manage Online Reviews

Manage reviewsThe introduction of review sites such as TripAdvisor and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter which allow customers to publicise their opinions has had a great impact on how SME’s think about their customer service. As a business owner, it’s easy to spend time worrying about how to manage negative reviews, should you receive one. However remember, it’s what you do with your reviews and ratings that matters.

Online reviews and ratings can be invaluable marketing for you, if managed correctly. Negative reviews are not as damaging as you may fear and certainly nothing to lose sleep over if responded to professionally. One way to take advantage of the positive things people say about your business is to create a specific place to showcase them on your website.

Regularly review third party sites:

Make sure you know what people are saying about your company. This can be done by regularly reviewing sites that you know you’re listed on, entering your company name periodically into search engines, and lastly setting up a Google alert with your company name. The latter notifies you when there has been a post published regarding your company. Once you are made aware of a review, be it good or bad, you can then swiftly take the appropriate action. Remember if it’snegative feedback, always respond calmly and professionally! Continue Reading

Basics of Twitter for SMEs

Twitter icon
Optimising your Twitter profile:

Make sure your Twitter profile is fully branded:

Have your Twitter background branded with a good picture making sure your company logo is clearly visible. Make sure that your page has a clear call-to-action (explained later) and a link to your website, or the page of your website that generates the most leads (results in customers making a purchase) for your company. Your Twitter account should be mobile-friendly, if you haven’t already optimised your site for mobile use head to our previous blog post on useful hints and tips on how to do this and why it’s important.

Your company bio

Having a bio personalises your Twitter account and gives you a chance to summarise what you’re all about. The limit is 160 characters with space for your location and a link for your website URL mentioned earlier. One key bit of advice here is to keep your bio specific. Remember the objective of a business Twitter page is not to gain as many followers as possible but to gain as many potential customers following you as possible. Your page should aim to be search engine optimised (SEO) and use hashtags that are relevant to your business, this will help your customers find you easier when searching.

Call to action (CTA)

Your call for action should clearly describe what you want your visitor to do once there on your page. This may be to have a look at your posts, follow you, or most commonly to visit your website.


Let your company’s personality shine! Continue Reading