Merchant Success Story: Stones of Isis

Snap shots of funky jewelleryClick here to read another fantastic success story from one of our top partners, the Stones of Isis jewellery school.  Based in Southwark, the school offers a varied range of jewellery making experiences run by Business owner Bola Adelakun and her business partner, Mary Afonja.

Bola and Mary began the business back in 2008, and aim to teach their students how to create unique, fashion jewellery. With classes catering for all abilities, students can expect to use materials such as beads and wire whilst being taught professional jewellery making techniques.

Thanks to the partnership with Groupon, Bola and Mary were able to offer jewellery making classes for one (£24) or two (£44), and enjoy not only a 60% increase in new customer numbers but a 40% rate of repeat business.

Facebook User Tips for Small Businesses

Happy business owner on laptopIf you’re a small business owner and you want maximum exposure to potential customers, Facebook is a great platform to use. These tips are aimed at local business owners who might not have time to constantly update their Facebook page, nor the money to pay a social-media manager to help.

Make Local Connections
Make the effort to “like” other local sources of news and neighbouring businesses. Facebook is like an online chamber of commerce, somewhere you can find business news and updates from your local community. Remember to share these updates on your own Facebook page, this is the most important part; it will save you from having to constantly create your own original content, thus cutting down on time and resource.

Turn Customers Into Followers
Make our Facebook presence known to your current customers, instead of attempting to create a new community from strangers. Business, cards, receipts, and marketing materials are all great places to add your Facebook (and Twitter if you have an account) details. You could add a sign to the front of your till, or if you’re a salon and offer free product samples – you could print off stickers with your Facebook address and attach to your samples. Continue Reading

Email Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Small coffee shop owner standing in front of store.If you’re a restaurant owner, one of the best ways to grow your business is to use email marketing as a way of keeping in touch with your customers. Not only is it cost-effective compared to direct mail for example, it can help strengthen and develop brand recognition and loyalty as well as awareness amongst customers. Bridging the gap in between new and old methods of marketing, email marketing can be an ideal solution for those of you who may be slightly uncomfortable or unfamiliar with social media marketing.

Pick The Right System

Developing an email marketing campaign should begin with finding the right email marketing tools suitable for you and your objectives. Mail Chimp is one of the most popular services for small businesses.It’s very user-friendly and allows for great reporting so you can track open rates and click-throughs, which both indicate how good / relevant your content is. It also gives stats on bounce-backs which will tell you how good or clean your data is. Continue Reading

Groupon Team Intro: Partner Management

Groupon Partner Management TeamWelcome to the first of our Groupon team introductions! This month we’ll be diving behind the scenes at HQ to meet our rather excellent Partner Management (PM) team. Our aim is to reveal to you some of the faces behind our company, and allow them to tell you just what it is that they do to help our partners make the very most out of their Groupon experience.

This month, we discover who the PM team are, what a typical day might consist of, what the most frequently asked question from partners is, and what kind of feedback the team receives. Firstly, let’s get the lo-down from head PM honcho Mark Hornsey on who the team are. Continue Reading

Introducing… The Groupon Reservation Tool!

Groupon Reservation Tool VimeoWatch our video to discover how to use our latest tool, a simple way for our restaurant merchants to manage bookings for their Groupon promotion.

In a nutshell:

  • Accepts bookings 24/7 online with real-time availability
  • Sends automated confirmation and reminder emails
  • Validates voucher security codes
  • Allows multiple codes to be exported into Merchant Centre for redemption


  • Easier for customers to book without speaking to merchant, therefore helping reduce customer complaints Continue Reading

Merchant Success Story: Blue Eye Aviation

Blue Eye Aviation case study VimeoWatch our latest merchant case study video, and discover how thanks to the partnership with Groupon, Blue Eye Aviation have managed to significantly increase their profitability and turnover.

Having sold over 1,500 vouchers Blue Eye Aviation have always run the same deal with Groupon because of the success they see each time. As a result, the family business have managed to expand and open up a new site, as well as purchase a new aircraft to add to the great service they p[provide their customers.


Customer Service Checklist for Beauty Business Owners

Happy relaxed customer being massagedAs the owner of a spa or salon, you’re probably already aware of those stereotypical clients; the ones who like to relay their life story to their hairdresser, massage therapist, or nail technician. If you’re good at your job you will have mastered the art of maximising your clients relaxation levels to the point they feel they can share all – as well as make upsell purchases and return to your business again and again. It’s all linked, providing fantastic customer service can lead to a fantastic salon reputation. Here are a few ways to help you achieve this.

Set the Mood

Not all clients will want the same thing from your salon. Some will be after VIP treatment, some will prefer to feel more relaxed and casual. You’ll need to decide which feel is best to try and create, depending on your target customer base. Once you know, be sure to give your staff enough guidance on how to help reflect this mood and always emphasise that no matter the mood – they should always appear happy and friendly to anyone who enters.

Teach Your Team to Read Customers

As per above, different clients will want different things in terms of how they are treated. Train your staff to not only be friendly, but observe body language and other potential signs the customer may send. There may not always be a perfect fit in terms of stylist and customer, however good customer service always starts with identifying and respecting client needs. Continue Reading

New Consumer Protection Rights

Lady on laptopConsumers are now better protected when it comes to making online purchases, under a new EU Consumer Rights Directive that came into effect yesterday (Friday June 13th 2014). If you’re an online retailer this will most likely affect you, so here are a few guidelines to help you meet the new standards.

‘Cooling-Off Period’

Customers will now have 14 calendar days to cancel an order.  This is a change from the 7 working days customers had previously and represents probably the most significant change for all of us.  Be sure to make sure all of your staff are fully briefed on this rule so that there is no confusion on either side and to ensure customers are being treated fairly.

Pricing Transparency

The new directive will mean the total cost of all products and services must be transparent to customers, who will no longer be liable for any hidden or extra fees that aren’t made clear at the final purchase point. Regardless of whether you already make all pricing clear to customers, now is a good time review your website and checkout to make all prices and charges are crystal clear and everything is working smoothly.  Continue Reading

Blogging Tips for Health and Fitness Businesses

Woman stretching with laptopAs a gym manager or owner of a yoga studio, sitting in front a computer for any length of time is probably the last thing on your mind – let alone wondering how to create a blog for your business! However, did you know creating and maintaining a good blog could actually help grow your business? Not only could it potentially make direct sales, managed in the right way it could also help bring you new customers as well as build your brand reputation.

Here are a few steps on how to create and effectively manage your blog.

Choose Your Platform

WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger are great examples of blog sites that are free and very easy to use. Be sure to talk to the person who created your website and double check your blog will work alongside it, since you’ll want your blog to be a part of your website.

Define Your Content

As well as talking about the services and classes you provide, you’ll also want to include content on you and your team to make your blog feel more personal. Include posts about your qualifications too, and anything you’ve done to help others meet their health and fitness goals. Continue Reading

How to Create a Winning Loyalty Program

Shop owner talking to customers.There is no limit to the success that excellent customer loyalty can bring to your small business. Not only do loyal customers return time and time again, they also bring their friends, post about your business on social media, and could become your most effective ally in promotion, sales, and future growth. Having an unbeatable loyalty program for small businesses is a great way to encourage these behaviours and build a healthy, lasting relationship between you and your customer base.

Your business – your program

Of course, you want returning customers. In fact, many retailers find that returning customers spend more than first-time customers. But which type of program should you choose?

A winning loyalty program can take many shapes. Customers have proven they respond better to unique products, prizes, and other special rewards tailored to their buying preferences as opposed to simple generic discounts. So tailor it to your customers, make it creative, and make it relevant to your business!

Make the most of today’s technology

Technological advancements such as social media have encouraged creativity like never before. Membership email discounts, online specials, and social media incentive schemes are all common types of loyalty programs that we see from online businesses. For example,  liking and sharing Facebook posts in order to qualify for a free drink of with your meal, or signing up to a newsletter to receive 25% discount online on your favourite clothing line. Continue Reading