5 Ways to Get More Client Referrals For Your Hair Salon

No matter what industry you’re in, word-of-mouth referrals are still one of the best forms of advertising. Nothing sells a new business you’ve never tried before more effectively than a friend or family member raving about how good their experience was. Plus, it’s your clients that are doing all the work, and even better – it costs you nothing! Ultimately, a good referral strategy is what you should be aiming for, in order to grow your business and gain new clients for your salon.

If you provide an excellent service and make your clients feel special, they will become your walking talking ambassadors. Not only will they return, they’ll bring friends and family with them and allow you to build your salon client-base up very quickly. One of the keys things that makes referrals so successful as a form of advertising, is trust; when a new salon launches an advert, there is always an element of trust that needs to be built in order for a clients to trust the advert and take action. Ultimately, it’s a risk they’re taking by letting a new stylist treat their hair. Referrals however already have trust established, as it’s a conversation between friends, rather than a random advert to a stranger. The relationship between friends already exists, which is half the battle won as a salon owner and why you should be focusing your efforts on encouraging referrals.

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How to Fill Your Restaurant During Off-Peak Hours

If you manage a restaurant you’ll be all too familiar with the business challenge of filling seats during your quiet periods. Typically, between 2pm and 5pm on a weekday might be a tricky time – after the lunch hour and before dinner, when a lot of people will be in the office (depending on your location and set-up). Most people eat at traditional times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and so to tempt them to eat outside of these hours is asking them to break habit and change behaviour; something that is only achievable with the right strategy.

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There are many ways to offer customers incentives to come and dine during your off-peak hours, that may have a three fold result: increased revenue, more satisfied customers, better rate of repeat business. To get there you must firstly approach these times very differently to how you do your standard busy hours, and most importantly – get creative. Start by looking at your current and target customer base. From here, plan a strategy around what is appropriate and relevant to these customers. Continue Reading

Work-Life Balance for Hotel Owners

As a hotel owner, top of your professional priority list will be to provide your guests with a first class experience. As such, I’m sure 16-hour days won’t be an alien concept to you consisting of responding to the requests and special needs of your guests, overseeing staff, managing operations, constantly checking your hotel looks as polished as it possibly can be… Add to that the fact your hotel requires 24/7 operations, has peak season highs, flexi-staff schedules and employees who will possess a range of various skill levels – it’s no wonder you might struggle when trying to strike a balance. So where do you draw the line? What might happen if you carry on over-committing yourself to your hotel? Is work-life balance in the hotel industry even possible, and if so – how?

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Five Ways to Boost Your Spas Online Presence

Ok, so you’ve launched your website. The candles are lit, soothing music is playing, and your aromatherapy incense is burning. Your team are awaiting with warm smiles and you’re ready to welcome hordes of new customers through your spa doors. After all, your website will do all the work in enticing people to come try your business, right? In an ideal world, yes. In a world where competition is hotter than your average hammam, you’ll have to do a little more than building a glossy website to boost your business.

Spa towels and candles

Chances are, you’ll either be the only spa in your vicinity and based out in the sticks where walk-in trade is extremely limited, OR you’ll have neighbours who are just as eager as you to pamper new clientele and turn into repeat customers. As such, in order to survive, you need to strengthen your online presence and build your brand so that you stand out from the crowd – and catch your online customer’s eye. Continue Reading

Six Ways to Turn New Restaurant Customers into Loyal Customers

We all know how much value repeat customers can bring to our business. As much as 40% of total revenues from the most stable businesses are generated from repeat business, according to analytics gurus SumAll. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why loyal customers are so important:

  • Stats show repeat customers spend more than new customers (2.6 times more according to SumAll.)
  • According to Gartner, 20% of loyal customers generate 80% of your profits due to less acquisition costs, ie not as much advertising / marketing needed for repeat customers vs new
  • Loyal customers are more likely to spread the word about your business to their family and friends than new customers.
  • If your workforce sees customers returning, their job satisfaction will also increase.
  • Marketing Metrics say the likelihood of cross-selling and upselling to repeat customers, is 60-70% compared to only 5-20% for new customers.
  • Loyal customers are more inclined to give you honest feedback, compared to new customers who are more likely to complain to themselves on the basis they will not returnCoffee Shop Customer

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How to Engage Your Hotel Guests With Better Content

As a hotel owner, a big part of your marketing strategy should consist of creating and sharing content relevant to your target audience. If you get this right, you can re-enforce your brand, gain credibility and trust, start conversations, and get feedback. Ultimately, you’ll be able to build a community of loyal guests. This article aims to give you some guidance on how to improve your content and some ideas for blog posts. Content Scrap bpard

Think about tone and voice as well as subject

Whatever you method of communication, whether it’s monthly newsletters or a one-off email campaign, to retain your reader’s attention you need to go beyond being intelligent and informative to being entertaining and useful. Try to write as if you were talking to your friends and trying to teach them something. Don’t just explain it, though. Talk about how they can get involved and get on their level. Think, if you were in their shoes, what you would want to know and how can you best say this in a way that will keep their interest. Continue Reading

Groupon Helps Up At The O2 Reach New Customers And Maintain Brand Position

Up at the O2 General Manager Steve BuchanBusiness Background

General Manager Steve Buchan opened Up at the O2 in 2012. Coming from Madame Tussauds and Haven Holidays, Steve was excited to continue providing people with unforgettable experiences by opening up this world first attraction.

Steve’s vision was to give people the opportunity to climb the roof of an iconic and infamous London landmark. In doing so they would be rewarded with a panoramic skyline, a different perspective of London, and completion of a personal challenge.



When it came to business objectives, for Steve their biggest struggle was increasing general awareness and trying to reach new customers. As a small attraction they had a limited marketing budget.

Steve knew there were people travelling to London both internationally and domestically, but they were still only reaching local people to come and visit their attraction. Although they had a very strong strategy, to reach new markets they found they had to be a bit more creative in their approach and so one of their main hopes from working with Groupon was to outreach to a new market. Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Revealed: Consumer Trends and Super-Mums at Groupon!

That time of year is fast approaching. All of a sudden gift shops are adorned with all things pink and purple. While consumers sift their way through a myriad of cards, retailers have been preparing for one of the biggest consumer spending days in the calendar. In 2013, US consumers spent over $20.7 billion for Mother’s Day compared to $13.28 billion that was spent on Father’s Day making it the second largest consumer holiday. Its popularity rings just as true across the pond here in the UK, with many reports showing statistics far stronger than that of Father’s Day and many other special occasions.

According to the Carlsberg UK’s Consumer Insights Report 2014,   Mother’s Day is now one of the busiest times of the year for a lot of pubs and bars. The results showed it as the 6th most popular occasion out of 24, for which their customers would consider going to a pub / bar /club for.

Let’s take a look and see how else appreciation for our mum’s is more obvious than for our dad’s when it comes to UK consumer spending habits:

Adam Stewart, Marketing Director at Rakuten’s Play.com saying “Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are significant seasonal events in the shopping calendar across all channels. However, with online sales ramping up year-on-year, retailers need to take advantage of the potential profit made for major gifting holidays, from inspiring shoppers through innovative and highly engaging campaigns alongside dedicated gifting sections onsite, through to guaranteeing next day delivery for those last minute purchases,” (The Drum)

Check out Rakuten’s infographic below, illustrating just why Mother’s Day is such an important event in the retail calendar and what other countries are getting up to around this time:

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How to Get New Teeth Whitening Customers with GDC-Compliant Advertising

Since 2008, we’ve helped over 400 dental professionals sell over 190,000 teeth whitening deals across the UK. To mark our success we’ve created a free guide to showcase our evolution in this industry. Key highlights include:

  • Our work with the General Dental Council (GDC) to promote industry best practice
  • How we’ve raised the standards of teeth whitening deals on our platform
  • What our partners have to say
  • How we can help your practice grow

If you’re GDC-qualified and authorised to offer teeth whitening services, please click here to access the guide.

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Odeon National Deal Returns!

Last Sunday 1st March saw the return of Odeon on Groupon. The last time we featured this deal in January, we sold in excess of 20,000 vouchers. We’ve smashed the previous number already, having sold over 30,000 vouchers so far with no signs of slowing up!

Film fanatics can snap up vouchers entitling them to either two cinema tickets for £11, or five tickets for £25. Remaining availability is however already limited so we’d encourage you to grab the super-deal while you can.

Vouchers are valid right up until 4th June and can be redeemed at locations across the UK for 2D and 3D films. For redemption and restrictions check out the fine print section, and to purchase the deal click here.

On the subject of National deals, we’ve been rather busy providing our customers with exciting offers they can’t refuse. Let’s countdown our top ten biggest successes, from some of the most exciting brands over the last six months.

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